Our Events

Talking in Tune Christmas Busk
Each year, come rain, come snow, hundreds of Talking in Tune singers gather in Cambridge market square to raise funds for local charities that provide help for homeless people. This year’s date will be posted here. We can never have too many singers; do come and join us.

Singing for All Workshops
Our community workshops are a wonderful chance to come and sing your heart out for a day. They are always led by the very best singing leaders who are all inspirational teachers as well as great musicians. Each workshop has a different emphasis; some focus on Soul, some on Gospel, others on songs from different cultures, but whatever the content of the day all our workshops are friendly welcoming, totally inclusive and terrific fun. The money raised from these workshops help us at Talking in Tune to continue our work for disadvantaged people within our community.

For details of upcoming workshops, click here; a look at past events is available here.

Community Performances and Fundraisers
We set up many sorts of performances in all sorts of places. We try to create events that are perhaps more meeting points between people who just love music, rather than traditional concerts. Musicians and singers from near and far share their work and often some of us add some music into the mix too. All our performances are warm and welcoming; do come and join us.

For details of upcoming events, click here, or to look at past events, here.



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